Our vision

We envision an environment where persistent and broad-based tobacco harm reduction becomes a reality in both developed and emerging markets.

A prerequisite for this is an acceleration in the transformation of the mainstream tobacco industry, combined with the continued growth of new enterprises adept at driving innovation. This needs to be underpinned by sensible regulatory and tax regimes.

It is our firm belief that extensive harm reduction can only be achieved if there are affordable, less harmful alternatives to combustible tobacco products available to consumers. These products need to have undergone rigorous scientific testing, appeal to consumers and be widely accessible.

Broad availability of reduced-risk products that appeal to smokers, and those who otherwise would have smoked, will require sustained and substantial investment.

Ultimately, the pace of transformation and harm reduction will be a function of the quantum of investment into these products. In turn, this will depend on the potential risks and returns associated with these investments.

It is our goal to provide stakeholders with tools to help smooth the often-obfuscated path to effective transformation and tobacco harm reduction.